exciting food & wine selected just for you

exciting food & wine selected just for you


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01302 285993


RIOJA is a family run 45 cover Tapas & Wine Bar, located in Woodfield Plantation providing customers with a comfortable, exciting and innovative coffee, tapas & wine bar concept with industrial & rustic authentic decor and furnishings


The Bar has gone from concept to opening night in just 10 weeks and we are proud of what we have acheived.  We have used re-claimed wood where possible including timbers for the platform sourced from a scotish distillery, you can even see the barell numbers printed on the timbers if you look.


We are passionate in what we do and want to offer you the best in everything, wine, coffee, food and most importantly customer service.


Every member of our team works hard to make every experience as enjoyable it can be for you our valued customer.


We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

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